God Time

God time. It is a moment we set aside to be with our Heavenly Father, to talk with Him in prayer and to hear His voice through the reading of the Bible.

We are blessed abundantly by God to have access to His word through YouVersion Bible App everywhere we go and anytime we open our smart phone and tablets.


Once you download the Bible App, you will find LOTS of Bible Studies there that will meet your spiritual needs. Also, they have more than 1,000 version of Bible you can find the best for you! Isn’t that amazing?

There is also The Bible App for Kids where kids can get to know God through reading His word on the Bible App, watching videos, reading and hearing the Bible stories, activities. Get more information here.

I was a night owl when I delivered our first born, then continue struggling with waking up in the morning and be more effective during the day. I prayed to feel better and asked God to help me to do the best as wife and mom. I asked for His grace upon grace every single day since we became new parents.

One day in 2012 I read a post on my friend’s Facebook feed about the HelloMornings Challenge. I checked the website and joined the Twitter group for the first time. This night owl is now transforming into a morning raiser. This is a challenge. And a challenge is not always easy. It is a process from time to time, need grace upon grace, and a teachable heart to be taught and changed by God’s powerful word and corrections. God sent amazing sisters as my accountabilities. It is a 6-weeks Bible Study, 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Simple as that. This is a challenge, but with Christ Jesus and His power we all can do this!

This challenge encourages us to move and plan our day in better. To find more about HelloMornings Challenge and Join the challenge please go to this link.

One more Bible Study online site you can visit and join is Love God Greatly.

Love God Greatly

Their missions are:

  • To Inspire women to make God’s Word a priority in their daily lives through our Bible study resources.
  • To Encourage women in their daily walks with God through online community and personal accountability.
  • To Equip women to grow in their faith, so that they can effectively reach others for Christ.

You can join a community by enrolling to a group here and the Bible Studies are available in English and 10+ other languages.

I love papercrafting and crafty things, also learn some watercoloring when I was at school. I also like to write down what the word God speak to me and what impression He put in my heart and mind in a journal. My husband got me an ESV Journaling Bible as Christmas present in 2012 and love writing notes on those extra margin in the Bible.

I discover that I could journal the study in creative and artistic way. Early 2015, I found out these great resources to start journaling God’s word in artistic and creative ways as an act of worship and adoration to the Most High God!


Illustrated Faith

Journaling Bible Community (Facebook)

Bible Art Journaling Challenge Community (Google+)

Rebekah R Jones – Bible Art Journaling Chalenge (website)

Documented Faith

Documented Faith (website)

Stephanie Ackerman’s Blog

Documented Faith Facebook Group

His Kingdom Come

His Kingdom Come Forum

His Kingdom Come Facebook Group

If you are new to Bible Journaling, I recommend you to check these resources when you want to start Bible journaling. These groups are amazing! The founder and members are encouraging and helpful. We all grow together in your faith and love as a community to bless each other with what God’s word and wisdom.

I hope these resources will bless you and encourage you to dig deeper into God’s word and to grow in your faith.

God bless you in the riches and glory of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord!