Remembering 3 Years Ago – Part 2

We are married!


DAVE. He’s a great, awesome husband. I am so thankful that God brought him into my life 3 years ago. Each day I thank God for him and for all God has shown to me through his life. He is the answer of my prayer 10 years ago, a prayer that I prayed every night until August 2007 God gave me the answer.

He is not only an awesome husband, but he is my very best friend ever! He always be there when I need encouragement and strength. He is the one that God has provided to tell me that God is never leave me alone. God is never forsake nor forget me. God always be there for me.

In doing the work that God wants me to do, I cannot do it alone. I need a partner. Dave is the one that God brought to me as my best partner in doing the work that He wants us to do. Nobody else.

A father. He is a great father for Abigail. He is the father that I want for my children. He gives godly example for Abigail. God bless him with wisdom and patient to teach Abigail.

Dave is one of the wonders that God has been doing in my life. A proof that God is faithful, always on time and never too late. God is at work in my life.

Today we are celebrating our first of the 3rd Anniversary (yes… we have 2 anniversaries! ^_^). We are so thankful for the 3 years full of God’s amazing love, mercy, helps, blessings, and guidances. We are so thankful that we are God’s chosen people and God is our God. Every step we took in these 3 years and every step we will take from this moment on we depend on God and His Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. We ask for God to fill our hearts with His desire and passion. We pray that God will use us and equip us to do the good works that He already planned for us since the beginning. We are nothing without our Lord Jesus Christ, we live for God and make much of God and His glory.

Jakarta, June 14th, 2008


1st Anniversary 2009: We have Abigail as a gift 🙂

2nd Anniversary (2010): We went to Indonesia as a gift

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