30 Days Give Thanks: Day 25


It was dear friend who introduced me to an organization that help and reach out to women who used to live under some circumstances and now they live in safe houses.

Today after work, she came to my house and we made these 30 handmade cards for some of them to show them how precious they are and that they are loved.

We are so blessed beyond measure for this opportunity to share love with these women through our simple handmade cards.

God can use any of us, in ways we never imagine and use our skills and/or talents to bless others.

He can use you, too!

30 Days Give Thanks: Day 24

God has many ways to speak to us in ways and languages that we can understand best so that we may follow Him, love Him and obey Him.


I am so thankful and forever grateful that He speaks to me in my heart language and so thankful that I will have the New Testament by next year.

I rejoice in Him because not only me, but all of those who speak the same language with me, wherever they live, they will have access to His living, changing word.

He is God.

30 Days Give Thanks: Day 23


Day 23: Today I am thankful for my parents. They are the world best grandpa and grandma for my daughters!

I don’t have their recent picture, but this is the most recent sketch that my oldest did 2 days ago, on Friday. She sketched them while talked with them on Skype video call 🙂 Last time we saw them about 4,5 years ago when the oldest was 1 years old and the youngest have bot yet met them in person.

I am giving thanks to The Lord for giving them as my parents. This year they celebrated their 36th Anniversary. God blesses them!

And I surely miss them every day!

30 Days Give Thanks: Day 22


Day 22: Giving thanks for a thankful heart like a little child. There are things we learn from a little child. I learn to have thankful heart and have faith just like little children by seeing that in my own children’s hearts. That is what Jesus taught us.

30 Days Give Thanks: Day 21


Oh yes, I give thanks to the Lord for this fire place we have at home. Surely, it warms our house in these cold days, especially in the winter.

I always dreamed to have a house with fire place. When my husband tool me to check on this house before we rented it 5 years ago, I fell in love already with this fire place!

Just thankful!