She is ONE Now!



I remember exactly this time around I was at the hospital and having this cute little baby girl. My husband, Dave, was there right beside me in the surgery room, held my hand, and even allowed by my OB/GYN to witness the moment they pulled the baby out of my womb. He can tell you the story better than me. He thought it was the awesomest thing he ever seen in his life!

The first time I held her in my arms, she was so tiny and I couldn’t stop crying to see once again God made a miracle in our family. He made her beautifully and fearfully, He has written her life in His book. He has her future planned perfectly.

Today, we are celebrating her first birthday. YES, SHE IS ONE YEAR OLD NOW! Time flies when we have so much fun and time to spend together. Can’t thank God enough for His grace, mercy, love and blessings in her life. We have seen God has been working in her life since she was born and we are seeing now, and we will see God’s hands in her life in the future.

I am one blessed Mama! God has given me delightful and beautiful daughters and an amazing, loving husband. He made my life complete!

I never stop thanking God my Father and Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord for them every single moment! 


35 Weeks and Counting!

Yes, I am at my 35 weeks of pregnancy now. I feel like it is not too long ago that we found out that we are expecting the second baby. And now 5 more weeks to the arrival of the baby.

I praise my Most High God for:

  • His blessing in this pregnancy
  • the good health for me and the baby
  • extra strength to carry the baby though I am having severe back pain and sciatic nerve pain that limit me to do some activities
  • Abigail is growing in understanding that she will have a sibling, though she is still trying to grasp the idea that she will share her Momma and Poppa, including her toys with the new baby.
  • Dave, for always be there for me when I need him, for always encouraging me in my not-so-good-mood moments, for always helping me to overcome my pains, for always love me, Abigail and the baby, and for always helping with the house works though he has TONS of things to do at work.

I go seeing my OB/GYN every week now. The baby can arrive any time soon!