Finally 39 Weeks

September 13th, 2012

Our waiting is finally reached the end.

Day after day…

Week after week…

Month after month…

Today is the day we are gonna have you and hold you in our arms, Little Emma.


We went to the hospital and it tool an hour for the C-section preparation. Finally around 3:30ish they took me to the Operation Room, and my wonderful husband, Dave, was beside me faithfully and watched the whole process. He told everybody that it was the coolest things he ever saw of delivering a baby.

So thankful! I am still in the process of recovering, it is not easy and definitely C-section is not an easy way or a short-cut to have a baby like others said. It has its own hard times. It’s God who has been helping me and giving me the extra strength and energy I need to go through the process. It is Him I am giving praise and thanks! His presence is real in my life.

I created this layout to remember the last day I had this bump, my husband (like he did before with our first baby, Abigail) took my last day with this the baby bump, the minutes before the C-section. Yes, I had the BIG one! Imagine my back pain and sciatic nerve pain, please! 😀 LOL!!

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So, what is the most thing you remember from your pregnancy?

25 Weeks & Counting


I am so thankful for now I am at 25 weeks and counting. It’s more that half way to have the baby! Woohoo!

I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms. I can feel her kicks every moment. I can feel her moves every moment. I fall in love deeper and deeper every day.

At this 25 weeks I feel wonderful and beautiful (never said that to myself before ^_^), though I have some proble with my lower back and sciatic nerve pain. The pain might limit me of doing things, but will never stop me to praise God for what has been happening jn our life, for the growing healty Abigail and for this little munchkin #2 (we will let you know the name we pick on the day when she is born!!! A surprise, doesn’t anybody love surprise?)

And something special is coming this week, too! Can’t wait to share with you all!

I am at 23 weeks now

Today I am 23 weeks, more than half way. Woohoo!

I feel:

  • Wonderful
  • Amazing
  • Healthy, though still have problem with my lower back and right leg
  • Gaining weight (of course!)
  • More and more uncomfortable because of the belly is getting big
  • More baby’s kicking from inside (and at my ribs, too!)

I am praying God for every moment I can enjoy being pregnant and having this little baby growing health and strong inside my womb. So thankful for this little one.

I am praising God for He has been preparing us in many ways to be parents for our children and preparing Abigail to be a big sister. And I keep on praying that by the time the baby arrives, we will be ready and all people will praise God!


I am at 20 weeks

Today the baby is 20 weeks. At the doctors office, we got to see the baby again. She smiled at us! So amazing! This made my day!

Smiling Face

Don’t you think these little feet are cute?

Little Feet

We cannot wait to find out next month…. is it a girl or a boy? Either it will be a great blessing for us 🙂 So thankful for God’s hand that forming the baby in my womb, that He has the baby’s days written in His book of life, and He holds the baby’s future. Amazing you are, O God!

15 Weeks Now

Greenbo Lake, KY (03/25/2012)

Yes, I am 15 weeks pregnant now. It’s been amazing journey for this second one. Being pregnant this time is very different than the first one. We got the confirmation for the my OB/GYN that I am pregnant on February 6th and since then I was sick for the first 6 weeks. I was struggling with eating and weakness. I felt discouraged a lot at those weeks because I felt useless, didn’t have fun with my girl, and laid down all day whole weeks!

But by the grace of God, supports from my amazing husband, Dave, and smile and funny talks of my girl, Abigail, God enable me to go through all the sickness at my first trimester. Finally, I am not at my second trimester. More and more grace I need each day until I deliver this precious second baby, and more and more grace I will need to raise Abigail and the baby.

So much pain, yes. But it’s worth it. At the end I will hold this precious little baby in my hands. That’s the day I am looking for.

And God truly never leave me alone in this journey. Never forsake me. His hands always hold me, His love strengthen me and His presence is really in my life, day by day. More and more I love him.

This is the treasure I will never forget and I will tell my baby that it’s all God and for God only all the praises. I can’t wait to tell this baby that, “You’re a precious gift from God, you are special before God.”

We pray and hope that Abigail is blessed and God prepare her to be amazing, wonderful big sister.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from Him. ~ Psalm 127:3