DIY Repurpose Old Dress

Turning a plan white dress (Oldnavy) into something cute. YoYo pin tutorial from Lemon Tree Creations

Wow… it’s October now and soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. That means that we are now starting our “Gift Hunting” adventure, right? For me, I have to think and find a simple, sweet and not so heavy gifts to send back to my family in Indonesia. They became a very good gifts that I made out of my heart.

In these past 2 weeks, I’ve been working a “making gift” project at home. I found a lot of websites that gave me tons of ideas how to make, or so called “Do It Yourself, aka DIY” things. I actually never done it and this is my first time doing it by myself at home, with a “non-stop” running toddler.

They are not expensive and not difficult, they are made out of my heart and easy to make. I give you the link to the websites where you can find the tutorials. My special thanks to Ashley from Little Miss MommaKristen from Lemon Tree Creation, Allie from Miss Lovie Creations, Larissa from mmmcrafts, V and Co., and Becca from Blue Cricket Design. I thank you all for sharing the tutorials and ideas.

Alright, here they are…