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World Vision child sponsorship establishes stability for the present and hope for the future, providing benefits not just to a single child, but to an entire family and community.

When children have access to basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, education, safe shelter, and extra support during emergencies, they’re able to grow up to become healthy, productive adults who realize their God-given potential and can become advocates for their communities.

Sponsor a child today and help make this Christmas a memorable one for a boy or girl in need — or, if you’re already a sponsor, consider extending your love and support to another child.

You can also make a one-time gift to our Sponsorship Ministry Fund, which helps meet the needs of children who are still waiting for sponsors and helps World Vision respond to emergencies that occur in sponsorship communities.

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World Vision: Unwrap The True Spirit of Christmas

I posted a short story about World Vision and its vision here few months ago. Thinking of giving what to who is really drives me crazy and still cannot figure out who need what. Too many things that we can find at stores, many people have been rushing to the stores to get things that they “think” that their family “might need.”

Yet, many people, especially children, in all over the world are in need of water, food, shelter, blankets, and even more their parents to find something to make money so they can survive. These parents need financial support to start a small business, instead of depending on some other unsure resources, these parents need physical and spiritual supports. But, both parents and children do not know where they can find the help that they need, they do not know where to get whatever they need to survive, and they inly know that they are hopeless, no one care. BUT GOD knows. He cares about these people. He can provide ANYTHING that they need. He is the only one who knows every single thing that we need and provide it for us, also He is the only one who can provide for these people too.

The question is how do they know what God is the provider? how can they hear about this Good News that they have hope in Christ? where they can find help? what is our part in this?

The answer is you can only find in the Bible, the true Word of God:

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,tit would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt 18:5-6)

These verses said by Jesus himself. Children are important and precious before God (also see in Mark 10:14-16).

MicroMonthly Program: Help Them To Start Their Business

MicroMonthly is an exciting new opportunity to make a regular investment in the promise and potential of hardworking entrepreneurs – people who can get a traditional loan without collateral or credit history.

How to get involve and become a MicroMonthly donor?

You can click here to choose the FIRST entrepreneur and read the story and business ideas online, then you can help fund their loan for as little as $25 a month. The entrepreneur repays the loan and your original tax-deductible donation gets recycled, then another entrepreneur receives a loan for their own business. Each month, World Vision will connect you with a new entrepreneur and send you updates so you can follow their progress and watch their families thrive and grow.

Help a small business

Our Children Were Dying…

It’s about 1 year ago my husband and I went to a concert and there when we were introduced to World Vision (we have heard about this organization but never had direct communication with the staff). We visited their table and asked the lady if they have a boy or a girl from Indonesia. After looking for a while, they finally found a boy. His name is Rafi. That day we fell in love with him and we decided to sponsor him through World Vision. We have received few letters from him and knowing that God is providing his needs and family through World Vision ministry to the community. Rafi can go to school now and he’s at the 3rd grade. Building relationship with our boy and communicating with him are a great encouragement for us and we bring praise only to God.

And you also can do the same thing. You can glorify God through your gifts to sponsor children from all over the world, including from Indonesia, you can be part of God’s plan for these children, you share the hope and faith in Christ through this ministry. There are a lot of them are waiting for God to show his love and mercy through His followers and believers. That is YOU.

Here’s a short story form a Guatemala.

Happy 8th Birthday, Rafi

Happy Birthday, Rafi

I made this card for our boy whom we support through World Vision in Indonesia. His birthday is in July but it will take about 2 months for him to get the card. He will be 8 this year. So we sent it this month to him and hopefully he will get it on time. We are so blessed to have him as a member of our family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rafi… We love you!