12 Days DIY Christmas 2014: Day 6

Day 6. Half way… Still have some on my list to make for this Christmas 🙂 Today is project I wanna share is Felt Poinsettia. Having a toddler at home is a reason for not having living plant sitting around on end tables or anywhere where she can reach. Not to mention… she is a climber! She can find a way to get to something she wants to touch, including up side down laundry basket!

So, making fabric or felt flowers is an option. I go with felt. I still have a lot in stash because I love felt!


This felt poinsettia is very easy. I drew 3 sizes of leaf shape on a piece of photo copy paper. If it is hard to freehand drawing, here another trick to make leaf shape. First, draw rectangles in 3 sizes:

  • 1″x2″
  • 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
  • 2″ x 3″

Then cut them curvy from center bottom to center top of the rectangles. There you will have 3 sizes of petals.

Use fabric pencil or regular ballpoint, trace them on red felts for the petals and green felts for the leaves:

  • 12 pieces 3″ petals
  • 12 pieces 2 1/2″ petals
  • 6 pieces 2″ petals

But depend on how many layers you want for your poinsettia flowers. Also cut extra circles that you will need to make the flowers. I used 3″ circles for these flowers.

Then using scissors, cut the felt while the glue gun heating up.

I added a dap of glue at every bottom of the petal and pinched it for couple seconds.

Then on the piece of circle, start glue each petals start from the leaves (I used 3 leaves) and then the biggest petals, medium and smallest. Overlap them on top each other.


Add some extra gems on top of it if you want. I have a big box of gems assortment I got from Hobby Lobby, so I glued the biggest ones in the center of each flower for extra bling 🙂

I hope these steps are easy to follow when you want to make some.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fun merry crafty day!

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