5 Minutes Monday: Baduy

We are in December, the last month of this year 2014! Thinking of our journey, I only can say that we could go through each challenge of life this year is all because so many people stand with us in prayers. We pray. You pray. God listens. God answers in His way and will, to reveal who He really is and His glory to us.

I would like to encourage you all, keep praying. Do not stop. Just simply because… He listens…

Today, let’s bow down before His throne and lift up the people of Baduy.

The Baduy or Kanekes are a traditional Sunda community who live in Lebak Regency of Banten Province. “Baduy” may have been a name given to them by Dutch researchers. It is also possible that the name Baduy comes from the name of the Baduy River and Baduy Mountain in the northern part of their territory. The group prefers to call themselves the Kanekes people, which comes from the name of the land where they live. They live at the foot of the Kendeng Mountain in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, about 40 km from Rangkasbitung city. They speak a dialect of the Sundanese language. (source Joshua Project)

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There are about 25,000 people live in this area. They are one of the least-reached and indigenous people groups in Indonesia who completely do not have God’s word in their language and even no one go to reach out to them. They are one of the closed people groups.

Pray that God will make ways to reach out to them and send His churches to go bringing the Good News to them that will set them free to worship the Living God!

Thanks for praying today!

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