5 Minutes Monday: Lampung Way Kanan

The Lampung Way Kanan are a small group with a strong cultural structure that is distinct within the larger Lampung cluster. The Way Kanan people are made up of five large families known as the Buay Lima Kay Kanan. The Way Kanan live in the regencies of Way Kanan and North Lampung. In North Lampung they live in Bukit Kemuning subdistrict. In Way Kanan regency they live in Bahuga, Banjit, Baradatu, Blambangan Umpu and Pakuan Raya subdistricts. The Way Kanan speech variety is part of the Lampung Api language. There are several levels of formal language (registers) used for special situations. Most of the people can also speak Indonesian. A few of them can even use languages of the transmigrants in the area, such as Javanese and Sundanese. (source: Joshua Project)

Pray for these 43,000 people who are unengaged and least-reached people. Ask God to send His people to reach them and share them the Good New of God’s Kingdom.

According to the Joshua Project data, they have New Testament and portions of Bible in their language. Pray that God will put the hunger and thirst in their hearts to know the Lord and lead them to read the truth.

Thank you for praying today!

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2 thoughts on “5 Minutes Monday: Lampung Way Kanan

  1. Thank you for the prayer prompts about the different people of the world! I live in a remote town in Washington state and I have never traveled. God is giving me a desire to pray for these souls as you post about them and I am very happy for that!