Abigail’s First Play Date

3 awesome toddlers

When we have toddlers and sunny days, they pretty much don’t wanna stay inside the house anymore after a long inside-winter-house activities. They just want to go out and play. Especially if they have friends who live closer, play date will be a great idea to be outside. That’s what we did today, the very first time for Abigail to have a play date with her friends.

Today was so exciting. We went to play with Bryce and Collin Greene. They live up the hill not too far from our house. It only took about 10 minutes (with lots of stops for Abigail to explore whatever she found a long the way). I used to take her for walks on that road when she was little in the stroller last year, but this year, she just wanna walk (of course!)

They played all morning at The Greenes’ backyard. They played bubbles, jumping up and down at the trampoline (Abigail was nervous about that), played house, sandbox, and anything that they could thing of. And it was time for them to have lunch, then play again, then nap time. Abigail didn’t wanna leave. Since the first time worked out very well, then guess what? We will have another play dates together either at their house or our house. So excited.

bubbles in the playhouse

Collin wanted to take her picture

lunch time together



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