An Idea for Hanging Wall Decor

Simple but Priceless

I would like to share a simple idea to decor a girl’s bedroom. It’s not from expensive stuff, simply from used and some glittery foam letters, flowers, etc. All of these stuff you can find easily.

All what you need are:

– scissors
– all-purposes, photo-safe glue
– used carboard (if you like shopping online, you can save the boxes and cut it as desires size and shape)
– scrap-book papers, or even youcan use the small pieces to make more colorful and prettier.
– scarp-book decoration: foam stickers, 3D-stickers, foam glittery letters, flowers, etc.
– pictures (I used 4×6 photopaper and printed from iPhoto).

When you have all the stuff you need, it’s time to be creative and have fun! Yay! 😀


Do you have any ideas or tips to make “cheap” but “priceless” picture wall decor? Care to share?

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