A Letter For My Husband: Day 2

“Through love serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13b)
We can serve others out of love but we cannot love others without serve them. Everyday, I always have lots of need-to-be-done things at home. If I did it out of love, I could serve my family without complaints. But sometimes, I did complain. Tired. Bored. Pain. Sore. etc.
But today’s challenge really open my eyes that my husband, Dave did also lots of things, at home, at office, and the church. But I sometimes didn’t notice what he has done. He fixed things that I couldn’t fix, he cooked every Saturday, he cleaned the kitchen when I couldn’t do it, he bathed Abigail when I was too tired to do it, he took care of me when I was sick and he picked up my medicines, he helped others when they needed it, he would be where people need him, he even sacrificed his comfortable zone and time just for Abigail and I… and the list will continue go on… and on…
I am so thankful to have a husband like Dave. I thank God for his kind heart, generous heart and lovely heart. So thankful that he will do whatever he can to help others. Most of all, he always be there when I need him. He always encourage and help me when I was down, and he encourage me to do things that he thinks I can do it.
Yes, what I want to say here that Dave is a supportive husband.
My prayer that God continue work in him, through his life to bless others. I pray that others will see and glorify God through Dave’s life examples.
I praise God for Dave.

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