DIY Cross-Stitched Necklace

I learned cross-stitching since I was at fourth grade. It was one of the mandatory school extra activities for Elementary and Junior High students at the girls’ Catholic school I attended. I loved cross-stitching.

After I graduated High School, I stopped cross-stitching for some of reasons. But in the last few months, I got back to try do some cross-stitching using kits. It is just easier that way because all kits include the pattern/tutorial, threads, needle, wooden base, clasp, necklace, and even some tips 🙂 It is good for me to remember again how to do it.

Last winter, I found these cute necklace kits at a craft store. They are cross-stitching necklace with wooden base. Just so cool, I think 🙂 I never stitch on wooden base before, so this is a new experience for me.

Cross-stitched Necklace

I did both necklaces in 2 days. They are very easy to make. I took time when I could during the girls’ nap time. The back of it, I added some Liquid Glass to secure the threads and this glue dries clear. Just love the results!

When you go to a craft store, I hope you will give it a try 🙂 THANKS for visiting today!

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