DIY Family Puzzle Picture Board

Hello hello hello… Happy Friday! Today, I would like to share with you a fun home decor project.

I made this Family Picture Board using the one of the new Clear Scraps Wooden Puzzles and Mini Shaker Family. I am sharing this project at the Clear Scraps Blog today.

I started with tracing each puzzle piece on each scrapbook paper with pencil. After that, I cut each of the scrapbook paper with scissors.

I added the cut out paper on top of each puzzle piece using the 3-in-1 Beacon Adhesive Glue. And then, I used wood glue to put together the puzzle and let it sit to dry.

While waiting for the puzzle to dry, I put together the Mini Shaker Family. I stacked each layer of the chipboard piece with 3-in-1 Beacon Adhesive Glue. I put a heavy book on top of it while the glue was drying.

I removed the clear plastic covers from both sides of the acetate plastic and then I glued it on the other chipboard piece using the same glue.

Before I added the top layer, I added some beads inside it as the shaker filler. And then I added the top layer with the same adhesive glue, too. I put the heavy book again on top of it while the glue was drying.

When the house puzzle pieces were glued well, I added the finished Mini Shaker Family on the middle top part of the puzzle board with 3-in-1 Beacon Adhesive Glue as the title of this picture board.

I added the thick burlap twine on top of the puzzle board and secure it with the same adhesive glue. After that, I added the mini clothes pins on the burlap twine. I simply clipped them, no glue. But if you would like to keep them in place, you can use either strong permanent glue adhesive or wood glue to secure the in place.

I hope this project give you another inspiration to make fun home decor with Clear Scraps.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog today. Have wonderful day!

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