DIY Father’s Day Gift for the #1 Papa

It is actually not a last minute gift, just a little bit late because of my sickness. And be honest, not until last Saturday, I still had no idea what would be a great gift for Dave this year. Totally didn’t have time to search online, nor went to go to store.

It was about a week ago, Abigail painted a rainbow for her Papa. So I thought that it would be a great gift for him. And then on Saturday we went to an outlet store called Ollie’s in Huntington, WV just to check it out what they had. Then I saw this kind of frame (actually for a graduation gift) that sort of like a craft / scrapbooking frame. Then an idea came up in my mind what I would like to make for Father’s Day gift for our special Papa.

Finally, today I got it done.

What is your gift idea for Father’s day? You can share and comment here 😀

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