Final Week of the Training

Hey all,

Yeah! It’s the final week of the training and I am so excited preparing my trip next month… On the other hand,

I am so sad that I won’t see my friends because some of them will go back home and to the people they minister, some of them will go to village different with mine… I am so grateful that God is so gracious and has blessed me during the training. Since the beginning until the last week He has been showing his mercy and love to my friends and I. He is the source of my strength and wisdom. I am nothing without him. Though at the hard time and when I was sick, he was there with me through my friends…When I needed knowledge and wisdom to do assignments, he enable me to understand the materials and did my assignments… “Great is Thy faithfulness” is the only one thing i can say to him and bring praises and worship to God! Dear friends, thank you so much for your supports in prayers and many ways that God has showed to me through you all… Thank you so much! God will bless you for those good things that you have done for display his goodness and love to others… Please keep on praying with me…

I am going to go to MDO next week to see my relatives, pray for fruitful time with them and save trip. My mom will come with me, too. After coming back from MDO, I am going to attend a literacy workshop with a partner organanization in Oct 29th through 2 Nov and data entry in Nov 5ht to 6th. Then, I will go to P in Central SLW in Nov 11th for 3 months living with people, learning their culture and language.

Pray for good health, save trip, God’s provision and fruitful time with the people. Pray that God will bless them through me when I am living among them and pray that this trip will open my eyes to see,my ears to hear and my heart to accept what God tries to reveal to me… It’s gonna be my Discovery Trip with God ever!

Thank you so much for willing to support me!


~Helen Maria

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