First few weeks of our arrival in Ohio

Dear all Supporters, friends and family,

I am thankful to God for every moment that I have here since I arrived in USA 3 weeks ago.
So thankful for you all have been supporting us in prayers and financial. They are be blessings to both of us and means a lot to us.
Thank you so much for you and so thankful to God who is the provider in our life…

We were able to get our marriage license be signed by an ordained Pastor who has the license to “re-marry” us legally in State yesterday (9/24).
We have sent back the paper that the Court House need to make our Marriage Certificate. One step was done but still have some steps ahead to be done in 2 months, which are filling paper works and having the money that we need to pay the status adjustment fee ($1100). When we finish that steps, we wait for my green card to be granted to me before my visa expire which will be in Dec 4th. If those steps not yet done by November, we have to extend my visa until I can get my green card here. That might need more money to pay the extension visa in November.

About my visa and adjustment status progress, YES, I am worry about it because I don’t wanna go back to my country alone and stay there without Dave. I do have faith that I will have my green card before my visa expire and can stay longer here while waiting for to be sent by God with Dave and our child. Please do pray for these needs and situation. It’s short time according to men and impossible that we can have those amount of money within a month or two BUT we always know that God is able and rule over the time, people, situation and circumstances. God is the PROVIDER of all men’s needs according to His will. He is to be praised and exalted!

Another scenario is we are still looking for opportunities to go back to SEA. Because of the visa problem in this country and government has changed their regulation, our plan is uphold now. But we are keep on praying for God’s leading and understanding His will for us to go back and do ministry there. We did some research on internet, for example, one of my friends sent us email telling us that her school needs teachers and counselors. This is an international school in a province in SEA. They may offer a working contract for 1 or 2 years applying for teaching English at that international school or campus or English course because recently International curriculum is growing faster in this country and that require native speaker teachers. This can be one of our options. And, other mission organizations have provided some opportunities of ministries in this country. We’re planning to join one organization and Dave has started the membership but because of the reorganization and visa problem, the process, for now, is uphold. But we don’t know yet what to decide. Please pray with us in this situation and decision. We do just wanna go because God opens the way and sends us to go to do the work not because of our own will. Pray that we are able to listen to God’s direction and understand what He wants us to do now.

Yes, every thing seems so unclear for the long term ministry that we are praying for. We put our trust in God and walk by faith. As the Scripture say that we are not walking by sight but by faith. So now, we do what we can do here and still waiting for God’s clear leading and guidance.

Now, Dave is working again at his previous propane company every day, except Saturday and Sunday (in certain condition, he has to work if needed). I am staying at home doing some house cores, reading, and learning more about the language and culture. Sometimes on the weekends, we spend time together going around the area, Dave is showing me more about his hometown.

We are so thankful to God for Dave’s grandmother, Betty, who allows us to stay with her so we don’t have to rent another house which we cannot afford to do that for now. She is a wonderful lady and a prayer and mission motivator at her church. She is a great woman of God.

Please do pray for both of our heart and faith in God in any situation will be. Pray also for our preparation for the baby to come may be in mid March and our heart to love and grow the baby in the Truth. Pray for the baby’s health and our health, too. The baby is growing and getting bigger inside me. And the most wonderful thing now is I can feel the baby’s movements. So amazing! We love and can’t wait to see the baby.

Dear Supporters, friends, and family,
THANK YOU so much for all your supports in prayers, finance and encouraging words. We are really appreciate them so much…

Our prayers for you too… We also would like to hear for you all and we’re so happy if we can support you in prayers, too. God is your strength and your help is coming from God. Keep the faith!

In the love and grace of Lord Jesus Christ,

Helen Maria, for Dave and the baby

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