Gratefulness Day 7: A Surprise

Speaking of a surprise on not a Christmas day nor my birthday, about a year ago my awesome husband got me with this gift:


He got me a Silhouette Cameo! A funny story behind this surprise. Two days before I got a box with a spatula and a hook in it. Surprised me for sure because it was addressed for me and I didn’t have a Silhouette. I got suspicious and texted my hubby with its picture and asked him about it… And he said… “It supposed to be a surprise but apparently Amazon sent the spatula and hook before the machine.” And I said, “What machine?!” And he just gave a big smiley 😀 face on the text. He said, “Just wait it will be there in 2 days.”

Sure enought, I got a huge box at the front porch 2 days later… And it was this machine! Since that day, I have been learning, crafting, and creating pretty things with my Silhouette Cameo.

I thank God for this surprise!

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