Hello Mornings: Winter 2013

In the Fall, I found a group of sweet and godly ladies, who love and addicted to God’s word. They read, meditate, and obey God’s word they read every morning. They have become inspirations and good motivations to me personally. They are from Hello Mornings Challenge group.

We woke up early in the morning before anyone else woke up (yes, even raised up before the sun!)

We read the Word of God first thing in the morning before we started our busy brains and bodies.

We prayed for our friends in our group and everyone else God put into our lives and hearts.

We planned for what God has in stored for us to do that each day.

We set a plan what to accomplish on that day.

We enjoyed the life and blessings that God has given to us.

We gave thanks to God for what He has been doing in our lives.

And we do not stop there. We bless others and encourage others who in needs.

I was not perfect. I fell off the wagon many times, but my Accountable Captain blessed me so much. She encouraged me to keep on doing it. We prayed for each others and encouraged each other. God has blessed me abundantly through this challenge and through the testimonies of my AC and friends.

I keep on praying that God will continue his work in their lives and continue bless them to be blessings to others. I am praying that God will help me and continue draw me closer and closer to him each day.

God proof that He is there through this ladies. And He is there also for you.

If you ever needed an encouragement, motivation, and challenge that challenge you to love God more and to live for Him each moment, then Hello Mornings is where you can find it. Go HERE to find and join a group.

Katie Orr, the Hello Mornings Director, says,

“HelloMornings is not about achieving a certain goal, becoming a “better you”, or trying to beat the sun out of the gates. The HelloMornings challenge is about discipleship, stewardship, and worship. We want to help you grow closer to God and honor Him in whatever stage of life He has placed you in.”

That’s what I need. Why I join this challenge? That because I know that I cannot do it by myself. I need the Holy Spirit. I need God’s word. I need a push. I need someone to go along with me. I need a motivation and encouragement. Here’s why I wanna do it (read it here).

You might have your own reasons why.

You can go here to read more about Hello Mornings and Join us to a challenge that will change your life, because it is God’s word that we read and obey and God’s word is the God’s power that able to save and change life.

It is God who is the one and only focus of our mornings!

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One thought on “Hello Mornings: Winter 2013

  1. Oh sweet friend, you bless me.
    It has been such a pleasure to get to know you!
    I am praying for amazing blessings for all of your family, especially those you cannot be with over the holidays.
    Much love…