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“Happiness” is described clearly on her face. Her laugh and giggle are always color our days. I love to take a lot of pictures of her faces.

This picture I took when we took her to the Greenbo Lake Playground in Kentucky, on March 25th, 2012. It was a a nice warm Sunday. We went there after our Morning Church service to have lunch with our friend from China at their restaurant and then took a good walk around the park after that.

She just love the nature, out door walking and of course the PLAYGROUND!

Her favorite thing at that park was this swing. She kept on telling my husband to go faster and higher and higher. It made me nervous and scare but she is one dare devil girl, I tell ya!

We always wanna spend time outdoor when the whether is good enough for us to be outside, walking in the woods/State Park is one of our favorite things to do in the Spring through Fall.

Photo Challenge Submission

I submit this photo to enter I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – April. This is my first time ever! I do not have any fancy good camera, I use my iPhone 4S camera to take this picture (or most of the pictures at any time, any where).

You also can join this fun challenge. No need to be a professional photographer or have fancy camera. You just need to be you, take a picture, have face on it and submit. You can read more how it works HERE. Winner will win $100 cash and everybody who submits a photo will gets a chance to win Canon EOS Rebel T3! How’s that for Fun?! The deadline to submit your picture is on Friday (4/6), at Noon EST. So HURRY!

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