Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day this year is on May 10th. There are many ways you can show your love to moms on this special days. One of the way is handmade gifts.

Today I would love to share some ideas that you can make these gifts and won’t break your bank. These necklaces and bracelets I made using CTMH Base and Bling Wearable Crafts supplies:






This necklace base and Skylark fabric are retired. I love the fabric colors, perfect for spring 🙂 But if you like the statement necklace base like that, you can get the Fabric Necklace kit, the kit includes everything you need to make this gorgeous necklace:



I even have lots of left over of the fabric and some gems. I made earrings out of the left over. Here are the list of supplies to make these projects:

They are simple and easy to make, but these gifts are special because they are made out of love and from your hearts.

So, do you like to make gifts? If yes, what kind of gifts do you like to make for your loved ones?

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