All by God’s grace

I would like to thank God for His mercy, grace, faithfulness and helps in my life during the cross culture ministry and linguistics training that I had at KD from August 5th through October 5th. Also, thankful to God for all the blessings, helps, strength, wisdom and knowledge that I got during my study at Atmajaya University so that I can graduate on October 6th. I would say that those achievements are because of God and for God’s glory only. I cannot describe how wonderful and mighty our God in my life since the beginning of this journey with Him until now and then. I only can praise Him, worship Him and thankful to Him.

I also would like to thank you all for all your supports in my life, ministry and study so far. Thank you for supporting in prayers, financials, encouragements, advise, and supportive emails. Though you all are busy but you still spent time to pray for all my prayer requests. Now, we can praise God and be rejoice in the Lord for He has answered all your prayers. Thank you for the money that you gave as gifts to me so that I could finish my study, finish my training, and continue to minister people here in Jakarta and anywhere God has sent me and will send me in the future. Thank you for all your emails that supported me, encouraged me and gave wise advise to me when I needed. I can see and meet God through you all. I can experience His wonderful love and presence through your life. I pray that God will reward you all for all what you have done to obey and to glorify God in such ways.

As a continue process after the training, I should go for field practicum as I have asked you to pray for, too. But God has something different plan and He always knows the best for each of His children. I would like to inform you all that my field practicum is postponed this year. The reason is because I am going to get married next year. My fiancé’s name is David Gullett. The leaders at KD thought that it was better for both of us to go and minister together after married for both of us will minister here in Indonesia. They also thought it was better for me to go and spent time with Dave’s family, to get to know his family and prepare the wedding together. So, we both think that I need to go to US as soon as possible I get the visa. The visa is in process now. Please support us in prayers that God will provide the way for me to get the visa to US since it is so difficult for Indonesian to get the visa. Moreover, during the time of waiting for the visa, I still do volunteer at Kartidaya and minister at my local church.

Also, I have trained at a literacy training which called Informal Reading Inventory. This training equip each participant to do some survey on reading ability in national language and local language. There will be the same training in a village in Sulawesi this mid November until mid December. I am praying and raising supports to go there to assist the trainer from a partner organization of KD. This training will do some survey on the ability of local people to read in Indonesian. We will train some local people of the village to do this survey first in Indonesian, then they can do it in their own heart language. This training will facilitate the locals to improve their abilities to develop their own culture and language. After that, if they find that there is a need of a literacy work, so they can start it and we facilitate them more with the equipment and trainings that they need to do the literacy work there in their village for the sake of their own education development.

My desire to see that people in the villages have the same knowledge and education as we have in the cities. Please pray with me that God will open the way and send people to support me in prayers and financial to go and join the team to do the training. We will go on Nov 15th through Dec 15th, 2007. Please pray with us for this training can be blessings to the local people and will be an open way for them to develop their education now and in the future.

We all will see how God fulfill the earth with His glory and one day every tribes, and tongues, an

d people, and land, and languages will bow down before the King of kings and worship the True God and the Living God. Every people will hear and have the Word of God in their heart languages. All the glory, and honor, and power, and praises be unto God in Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in the Lord!

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One thought on “All by God’s grace

  1. Hi Helen,
    Congratulations on your wedding plans… How is the visa process? Have you got it? When are you leaving for the States?