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Thank you so much for being with us in prayer and thank you for always supporting us. All of them are so meaningful to us! God use you all to strengthen us, to encourage us, and to keep our faith growing in the Lord Jesus. We praise God for all of you (Romans 1:8).

We want to Praise God for what has happened in the past couple weeks. he has provided us most of our need for the trip. We are praising God so far our preparation is going well and by that we figured out some stuff that we need to do and to get before we go on the trip.

This coming weeks are gonna be interesting and fun packing activities for us. Why? Because our little princess, Abigail, likes to take things out of the boxes or bags after Helen put them inside. Nowadays, she learns to do what Dave and Helen do. She has been watching Dave and Helen. And also, She can understand some words in English and Indonesian. Some amazing achievements she has!

We have some prayer requests. Please pray with us for:

A place to stay during our visiting in LA. So far we haven’t found any.

A place or a room at the Transit Hotel in Singapore for us to rest while waiting for our connecting flight to Indo.

Plan to have breakfast together with one of our friends in Singapore during our transit time. It will be a great time to see him again.

Time change and jet lag will be the challenges that we will encounter when we land in Indo. Please pray for us that we can overcome the time change and jet lag, especially for Abigail.

Plan to see one of our friends who is working as a literacy worker in Pakaya. Netty has been in Jakarta for a workshop and training. We will be seeing her on the same day we arrive because she has to go back to Pakaya on the next day to continue working with the project among the Pakaya people. Please pray for God’s favor, grace and blessings upon her, the project and the Pakaya people.

Our time in Indo to visit our families, friends and some churches and organizations. Pray for God’s guidance, protection and blessings so we can be a blessing for everyone we see. We will spend about 3 weeks there.

On the way back, we will spend a couple days in Singapore to explore and of course to see some of our friends, too. Please pray for the days that we will spend there, for God’s protection and guidance.

We haven’t got our tickets back from LA to Columbus. We’re asking your favor to pray for these needs, ask for God’s favor and blessings to provide the tickets that we need to come back to Columbus, on June 11, because we will be arrive in LA on June 10 afternoon, and we don’t have enough time to clear the custom to catch the next flight to Columbus if we take the on the same day.

Once again we would like to thank you so much for supporting us in prayer, encouragement, and finances. God bless you all abundantly!

All for God’s glory!

Dave, Helen & Abigail

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