Our God is Too Small or Our Big God

Our God is Too Small or Our Big God

Over at the “For the Love of God” blog, D.A. Carson takes up Psalm 139. He’s concerned that our God is too small:

There is a perverseness to human thoughts about God that would be risible if it were not so tragic. We find ways to make him small. A marvelous antidote is Psalm 139. It paints an exalted picture of God, yet does so in stunningly personal ways, as befits a psalm.

What are the “stunningly personal ways” the psalmist displays an exalted God? Carson details four:

God sees and knows everything (139:1-6).
God is omnipresent, and therefore inescapable (139:7-12).
God is Creator and providential Ruler (139:13-18).
God is utterly holy (139:19-24).
For helpful commentary on each of these points, see the whole post here.

Our God is Too Small or Our Big God.

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