Pray Today for Yamdena People of Indonesia

They are one of the people groups who live on the Island of Maluku, at Southeast Maluku, eastern coast of Yamdena. The population of this group is 47,000 people. Their primary language is Yamdena. There are about 90% Christians, but they still practice some traditional beliefs and live in the dark, and most of them are nominal Christians. They need to know that it’s only God and one God to be worship, the one in Jesus Christ.

Please do pray for this people needs (please visit Joshua Project website to get more information) spiritually and physically.

Currently there is a team among this people group who are working on the language project and beginning to translate the Word of God in the language of Yamdena.

Please pray for this translation team that God will protect them, guide them and strengthen them while working on this project.

Pray also for the people will have the Bible in their own heart language so that they may live in the power or the Word that life changing and they may gain deeper understanding of God and deeper relationship with God.

Please click on this link to go to Joshua Project website:

Joshua Project – Yamdena of Indonesia

Thank you for praying for Indonesia today! God bless you!

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