Re-Decorate The Old Fall Wreath

Re-Decorate The Old Fall Wreath by Helen Gullett | #diy #fallwreath #creatingjoyfully

The cool air is blowing nicely when we sit at our front porch. And I think it is the time to get the Fall decorations out from the box.

I washed, air dried and hang the old wreath we had on the front porch wall but it looked there was something missing. But what?

Then I remember that I have couple chalkboard sign I got from Walmart couple months ago for my daugthers’ going back to school signs. I saw an Instagram post from Emily (see her project here) and I love her Fall chalkboard sign 😊

I cleaned the chalk off that board using baby wipes. Let it air dries completly before start writing on it. And then I wrote the Fall phrase on it using an eraseable chalkboard marker so in the future I can write something else on it 😉

And the re-decorate wreath is now hang up on the front porch wall. But for sure we still need couple things to decorate our front porch.

I hope you like it as much as we do! Thank you for visiting and enjoy the cool crisp air of Fall!

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