Rest In Peace, My Friend

October 2007, Pelatihan Penerapan Linguistik dan Budaya (Applied Linguistics and Culture Training I)

Couple of days ago, I got very very sad news from Indonesia. My dear friend and fellow missionary, Rudy Suseno passed away few minutes later after he had a motorcycle accident in Salatiga, at 6 pm local time, on January 5, 2012.

He was commissioned to an UPG in Java island a day before (Jan 4, 2012). I just cannot imagine the situation and the grief of the family and friends because of this. Rudi was known as a wonderful friend, husband, father, hard-work man, and loving. We had been friends since we first met at Kartidaya Introductory Workshop in 2006, and  then together with other friends we continued the training to the Basic Linguistics Application Training at the same organization in 2007. Then I got married and moved to States with my husband, but still we all still communicating through emails and Facebook. Never lost contact, but not anymore. We cannot contact him, write him message, or even see him in person. He rested in peace now.

We can be thankful in this very sad day that Rudi is now with the Father, enjoying every glory of Him, fellowshipping with Jesus, never stop praising God and serving Him in the Heaven. Rudi’s task is done here on earth, and he is now receiving his rewards in heaven, the heavenly rewards.

May be lots of us asking questions, “Why did it happen?”, or “Why his time was too short?”, or “How could  this happen?”, or “Is it really happened?”, or “Why did God allow this happened?”, or “What is God’s plan behind all of this?”

I don’t have the answers to all those questions, we cannot make up answers to those questions. But here’s what we all know well in our heart that give us hope and strength, that:

1. God is sovereign

2. God is controlling our lives

3. God plans our life: in the past, today and future.

4. God knows the best than we ever think of.

5. God has the authority to call us back to be with him ANYTIME

6. God is good

7. God is God

I am still grieving and crying every time I remember him and his family. I am praying, especially for the wife, Paryati, and the little son, Deven. That’s what we need to focus on now, praying for them and ask God to use us to be blessings for them, to let them know that God truly cares about them and He is there with them.

Only in Jesus, we will find peace, hope and faith. That in the Day of the Lord, Rudi will be risen up together with the Saints, that one day we all will go back to the Father, and that’s the day that we all be back together.

Farewell my friend, you will be missed!

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Please always remember his wife, Paryati and his son, Deven in your prayer every day. They need to know that God has plan for us and they need the comfort and peace from God. Pray that Paryati will be encouraged by Holy Spirit to continue the work that God has put in their hearts until she sees the Glory of God. Pray that she will find the strength and hope in God each day. Pray that Deven will experience Father’s Love from God through everyone who loves him. 

Thank you so much for praying for this family.

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