Bringing God’s Word to The Vidunda People

A year ago Lara Williams and Katie Orr launched Savoring Living Water and soon after set a goal to fund 104 verse for the Vidunda people, through OneVerse.
They are about 16 verses away ($410) from their goal, and they are praying they can meet it all in one day, TODAY!
Here are the details:
We all have the Bible in our hands in various English versions and even on our smart phones. We have access to the Word of the Living God at any time we can and anywhere we go. Please pray for the Vidunda people, who are waiting for the Word of God available in their heart language. And you can be part of God’s amazing plan, to bring the Word of God to these people. They have waited too long!
Thank you and Be blessed!

Those Who Needs Bible Translation

The worldwide status of Bible translation (2011):


…the number of languages spoken in the world today


…the number of languages without any of the Bible, but with a possible need of a Bible translation to begin

about 350 million

…the number of people who speak the 2,000+ languages where translation projects have not yet begun

nearly 1,500

…the number of translation programs where Wycliffe is currently at work


…the number of language groups that have access to the New Testament in their heart language


…the number of language groups that have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best

about 7 billion

…the population of the world

Although Bible translation is progressing at a more rapid rate today than ever before, an overwhelming amount of work has yet to be done.

How can you get involved with the “not yet done works”?  You can visit:

We are now in the process of getting ready to go and serve the LORD in Indonesia with one of Wycliffe partnership organization. This is a big leap of our faith and we cannot do it alone. We need a team to work together and to bring the Gospel in the language that they understand best in their heart and mind, to provide what they need in spiritual, education and language development. You can visit to know more how you can be part of our partnership to serve the Lord in Indonesia. Thank you for considering to partnership with us! God bless you!

How can you be part of bringing the Good News to the people who are waiting in the language that they can understand best in their heart?

They’ve Waited Too Long

Johanna (visit her blog here) from One Verse blogger interviewed me last Thursday about how we really need the Bible in the language we understand the best. Today she posted the story I told her about my life here.

This interview reminds me how great and perfect God’s plan in His children’s lives, mine and yours. It reminds me how desperate and lost I was when I didn’t know or even trusted Jesus my life and future. It reminds me how much God love each of His creation and He has plan for each human in this world. It reminds me how deep His love for the world, for each soul and for each of us to come, have relationship with Him and worship Him.

It reminds me now I know where to go and who to turn to when I am in need, when I am alone and feel lost, when I am desperate and dying, and when I am worry about anything in my life and my family. But, it also reminds me that there are more than 2000 language groups that do not yet have ONE SINGLE WORD of God in the language that they understand in their heart and mind. There are more than 350 million people who do not know where to go or who they can turn to when they are in need, when they are alone, when they are dying, and when they are lost.

They are waiting and they have waited too long. So does the people of Vidunda. It’s about 56,000 speakers of Vidunda (about 60% are Christians), who majority still live under under the fear of spirits than experiencing the freedom in Christ. Non-believers cannot see the victory or joy in the lives of the believers because of that. The Scriptures in their language will bring deliverance to the Christians from the captivity of fear of the spirit. More than that, they will grow in the knowledge of the true God and their spiritual lives will become testimonies to reach out the unbelievers.

Would you pray for the Vidunda people today? Would be part of this mission to reach out these people?

Be part of the team to reach them out, go HERE.

I Know What Poverty Is

Pictures taken by all Wycliffe Discovery Teams (2006-2008)

Bible poverty is a devastating problem hitting people around the world. It is more than 340 million people. That’s nearly one-third of the world’s language groups that do not have one verse of the Scripture in the language that they understand the best in their heart. In a previous post of mine here, I discussed a movement working to end Bible poverty, with organizations and actions that can make a big difference in people’s lives – spiritually, physically, economically and culturally. How having the Word of God can chane every aspect of our life, community and the whole world.

I know what poverty is. I know the feeling being hungry and have nothing to eat. I know how desperate people feel when they need something but they cannot afford to get it. I know, because I’ve been there, my family has been there and I used to live in a country where I can see poverty every where I went, every single day. I’ve seen these people only sleep under the Flyovers, Bridges, sleeping on a piece of cardboard at the sidewalk, or if they can they build a shelter out of cardboard. They are hungry, cold and try hard to find something to eat. I’ve seen kids digging in a trash can just for a food. I’ve seen a mother would take her baby and sing on a bus just to get some cash to buy her baby food. How could I ever forget those faces?

It’s not a fair life for them. It’s injustice. It’s not what God wants to see. It’s not what we wanna see.

If you ask them what would make their life better, they would say a good job, more money, able to go to school and food. That would help them feel better – think that having all of what they desire would give them a better life. Even though they would get every single thing they want, they are still going to lose their souls, Jesus said in Mark 8:36-38. They need God’s word, they need to know that they have eternal life with Christ. They need to know that above all, they need Jesus Christ, who can change their life, spiritually and physically.