World Bible Translation Day

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Today, September 30th, is dedicated to World Bible Translation Day. God has been doing GREAT things among the nations!

These verse from Psalm 67 is a prayer for the nations to know the Great God, the only One who worthy of our praise. The only One who worthy of worship from His creations. The only One who worthy of honor and the only One who rules over every nation!

May God be merciful and bless us.

May his face smile with favor on us.


May your ways be known throughout the earth,

your saving power among people everywhere.

May the nations praise you, O God.

Yes, may all the nations praise you.

Let the whole world sing for joy,

because you govern the nations with justice

and guide the people of the whole world.


May the nations praise you, O God.

Yes, may all the nations praise you.

Then the earth will yield its harvests,

and God, our God, will richly bless us.

Yes, God will bless us,

and people all over the world will fear him.

Please join us to give PRAISE to the LORD for:

  • what He has done among the nations
  • all the translation projects done this year
  • all the nearly-done projects this year
  • all translation teams who are working among the people groups
  • all partners who work together to get the Word available in the languages in the world

Please join us in PRAYER today for:

  • those people groups who do not yet have any verses of the Word available in their languages
  • open doors to the restricted and closed countries and people groups
  • more churches and partners to see the urgent needs in their countries and step in join the teams to work together bringing the Good News to the people who have been waiting for so long
  • protection and courage to the Believers who live in closed and restricted countries where they serve and share the Good News with the people there
  • more workers sent by God to the fields
  • God’s glory known among the people on earth

We are so grateful to be part of the work of B!ble translation projects in SEA* in Pacific with Wycliffe Associates. Right now we are working from home but our prayer and hope that we will be there to work directly with the local teams and partners to bring the Good News to the more than 400 language groups who have been waiting for so long. They need God’s word to know Him and to trust in Him. They need to read His Word to know how much He loves them. They need God in their lives, to change them only by the power of His living word.

Our family would like to THANK YOU for your partnership with us since the beginning of the ministry with Wycliffe Associates.

May God bless you and your family!

5 Minutes Monday: Accelerating Bible Translation Globally

“The authority for and ownership of all aspects of the process of Bible translation are returning to the global Church. This foundational transition affects every aspect of Bible translation.” (Tim Jore of Distant Shores Media and Wycliffe Associates)


When it comes to getting the Word of God into the hands of those still waiting to hear and understand, it is something that cannot be done alone. It takes a team of people working together. That’s where you come in . . .

Since 1967, Wycliffe Associates has given people like you the opportunity to partner in Bible translation efforts worldwide. Today, you can support crucial work in Africa, the Pacific, the Americas, Asia, and Eurasia. Whatever part of the world calls to your heart, there’s a role for you to play in Bible translation.

By partnering with national translators, we can help accelerate Bible translation and ensure that we are communicating God’s Word accurately—and powerfully.

Wycliffe Associates walk side by side with national translators to provide these dedicated nationals the training, technology resources, and support they need to speed translation efforts to help their language groups hear God’s voice speak personally to them. This organization also exist for you if you wanna make a difference and impact people live by investing:

  • Your skill, experiences and time as volunteers. If you have been praying an opportunity to serve, see how you can serve together with this amazing organization here.
  • Your financial donation. You can help support the works of Bible translations by giving a gift to Wycliffe Associates. This gift will be a great blessings to those who live remotely.

Wycliffe Associates accelerates Bible translation in these additional areas:

We are serving with Wycliffe Associates since Fall 2014 as supported staffs. My husband serves as IT / Accounting for SEA* and I serve as the volunteer coordinator and liaison between the organization and the national organizations, churches and missionaries. We are raising support to go serving for long term. You can find us here. This summer, we plan to go visiting for couple of months to see families and also helping with couple projects in the country. Would you please pray for this? If you want know more details, please feel free to contact me personal through email.


Distant Shores Media use modern technology to equip and help the global Church to make disciples of every people group. They provide open discipleship resources for every church to use to share the Good News like Open Bible Stories.

They also working together with entire global church through Door 43 translation platform to bring the Good News.

Why do they do it? It is because everyone should have God’s word and adequate discipleship resources in their own languages, for FREE.

In my own experiences in my home country, we do not have adequate discipleship resources in languages the people can understand better than the National language and English. And the need of translating God’s word in each needed language is very high. So far that we know it is at least 400+ languages that need translation of the Gospel.

Both of these organizations are partners in Bible Translation works by partnering with national translators, they help accelerate Bible translation and ensure that we are communicating God’s Word accurately—and powerfully.

They have a project called The unfolding Word. It is an open-licensed Biblical stories, translation training respirces and open-source tools that enable the global Church to do whatever is needed to accelerate the task of translating the Bible into every language.


We read this stories with our kids at home. Our 5 years old daughter can read the stories by herself now. This is FREE resources for you, your families and churches. This is a new tool for bringing the God’s word to the local people’s languages where you planting the church. Part of my assignment is also to help with this project, for now I am working remotely from home to work with a national organization that translating the stories into the national language so that the national translators can use the stories and translate them into each of their people group language. One that is amazing about this resources (beside they are FREE), the national translators can use is offline. They can share the Good News right away with their people as soon as their done translating it.

If you would like to know more about this ministry and “Gospel-sharing” tool, you can visit the website here. And over there, you can download the app to read the Bible Stories with your family, and feel free to use this tool to share the Gospel with those who need it.

Together we can end the Bible poverty and spiritual famine in all around the world with obeying His great commandment and take action by living put loud God’s calling to each of us.


Tuesday Thought: Our Care For Overseas Missionaries

Living overseas has special mark in my life. My life is changed. My perspective is changed.

This is not what I had in my mind when I was at school. My plan was to study hard, earned my bachelor and then went to overseas, well at least Singapore, to get better job. But then when I went back to finish my bachelor degree in 2004, God led me to different path. God changed my motivation. God changed my perspective of the idea of living overseas or cross-culturally.

We moved to Ohio since 2008 after we got married. For me, I am away from my home country, my parents and close families. But for my husband and daughters, here is their home country. For all of us, no matter where we will be living, wherever God will send us to go, we will make it home and serve Him as family.

Thinking of being away from home country, my thought goes to all missionaries who serve the Lord overseas. Those who live away from their home countries, away from their families. But they are there because of their obedience to the Lord’s calling. They are there because the people need to hear the Good News.


Our church, Grace Baptist Church Minford – Ohio, has a group of ladies who always get together every month to pray for the missionaries whom our church partner with. I am so thankful to this group of ladies! Knowing that they are thinking and praying for us and the missionaries is very encouraging.

They are not only getting together to pray, but in their act of love is real.

On last Friday, some of us get together to make Christmas cards for our missionaries. We would love to send them a note on Christmas day, sharing our hearts with them on the field. Especially for those who are away from their families on this special holiday.

That night, we made 17 Christmas cards! These ladies are amazing! We learned together to stamp and putting cards together. Most of all, we fellowshipped, shared stories, and had fun time 🙂


My oldest daughter came back from Great-grandma’s house, she joined us a little but before bed time. My friend helped her making this card. She is a blessing!

This is one of little thing we can do to show care with missionaries who serve overseas. If your church partner with missionaries overseas, you can try to do something special for them to show your care and love 🙂

Here are some cards we made that I would like to share with you today:




THANK YOU for your partnership with missionaries all over the world. THANK YOU for your love for the people who need to hear the love of God and His Good News. THANK YOU!

5 Minutes Monday

The people group we are praying today is the people of Kaur.

The People of Kaur of Indonesia

The Kaur are one of the original peoples of Bengkulu Province. They were originally from Bintuhan in the South Kaur district of South Bengkulu, but today many live in the North Kaur district. The Trans-Sumatra highway passes through Bintuhan, the district capital of South Kaur. The Kaur speak their own language, which is part of the Malay language cluster. Most Kaur villages are located in groups along the banks of small rivers in this area. The Kaur area lies adjacent to that of the Seraway and Besemah peoples. Geographically, the Kaur may be divided into two subgroups. Those who live in the South Kaur district are normally called Bintuhan. Their dialect is greatly influenced by the Lampung dialect. Those who live in the North Kaur district have been influenced by the Besemah people. (source: Joshua Project)

There are at least 49,000 people speak the Kaur Language (source: Joshua Project). They are one of the people groups who do not have one single verse in their language. They do not have any access to God’s word, neither audio nor written. Bible Translation is needed for these people. They need to hear and know that our mighty God also speaks their language and love them.

They need to know that we also care.

Would you join me to pray for them today? Spend 5 minute today to pray and ask God to make way for His church to go and send people to reach out to the people of Kaur. Ask God to provide ways for these people to be able to hear about Him and his great love for them.

Thank you for praying! He hears you and will answers your pray for these precious people.

5 Minutes Monday

Today focus group to pray is Pekal People.

Pekal People of Indonesia

The Pekal live along the southwest shores of Sumatra, the sixth largest island in the world. They live in the North Bengkulu Regency. To the west their area is bordered by the Indian Ocean, while to the east are the Bukit Barisan Mountains. The Pekal are often called the Ketahun because many live in Ketahun District. The main highway in western Sumatra that connects Lampung Province to the city of Padang passes through the Pekal area. The Pekal language is part of the Malay language cluster and is used for everyday interaction. The Minangkabau language has influenced the current Pekal language spoken by people today. (source: Joshua Project).

The language Pekal is spoken by about 38,000 people. They do not have any verse in their language. Bible translation is needed for these people. They need to hear the goodness and love of our God who love them. That our mighty God also speaks their language.

Would you join me just for 5 minutes to pray for the people of Pekal and their need of God’s word available in their language?