Those Who Needs Bible Translation

The worldwide status of Bible translation (2011):


…the number of languages spoken in the world today


…the number of languages without any of the Bible, but with a possible need of a Bible translation to begin

about 350 million

…the number of people who speak the 2,000+ languages where translation projects have not yet begun

nearly 1,500

…the number of translation programs where Wycliffe is currently at work


…the number of language groups that have access to the New Testament in their heart language


…the number of language groups that have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best

about 7 billion

…the population of the world

Although Bible translation is progressing at a more rapid rate today than ever before, an overwhelming amount of work has yet to be done.

How can you get involved with the “not yet done works”?  You can visit:

We are now in the process of getting ready to go and serve the LORD in Indonesia with one of Wycliffe partnership organization. This is a big leap of our faith and we cannot do it alone. We need a team to work together and to bring the Gospel in the language that they understand best in their heart and mind, to provide what they need in spiritual, education and language development. You can visit to know more how you can be part of our partnership to serve the Lord in Indonesia. Thank you for considering to partnership with us! God bless you!

How can you be part of bringing the Good News to the people who are waiting in the language that they can understand best in their heart?

Pray For Indonesia

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Indonesia with population 237,642,000, located in South East Asia. Indonesia is the largest Muslim population in the world, which about 80% of the population (resource: Operation World).

The capital city called Jakarta, where most of the people from other cities will come and find jobs.

Official language is Indonesian, which is used for trading and in formal settings. People learn Indonesian when they go to the school. Those who cannot go to school, they cannot speak Indonesian. Some Indonesians are multi-language people. They will speak their first language, called mother-tongue, they very first language they will learn at home to communicate with their immediate family and community where they live. And then IF they go to school, then they will learn Indonesian and English, as the third language.

There are 704 living language groups in Indonesia. Out of these 740 language groups, the Bible is in 33 language groups, New Testaments are in 70 language groups and some Scripture portions are in 71 language groups. That makes over 400 language groups DO NOT YET HAVE the Scripture! (resource: Wycliffe Global Alliance).

So, what can we do for these people of Indonesian to have the Scriptures in the language they can understand best?

  • We can PRAY (go here to join the prayer team for Bibleless People Groups and go here for how to pray for projects in Indonesia).
  • We can GET INVOLVED with the existed projects, go on short mission trips, and join mission organizations, such as Wycliffe Bible Translations and those who do Bible Translations in Indonesia, go here.
  • We can GIVE financially to be team partners to reach out the unreached people groups in Indonesia through the work of Bible Translations (for partnering with us to go to Indonesia, please go here).

We can because God empower us with His Holy Spirit, it is not done by our own power, or skills, or abilities, or whatever we could do. It is done only by the power of God and in His ways. So that only God who will get the glory and worship from the people. God is the one and only reason for all what we are called to do to reach out the unreached people group in Indonesia (see the list of the UPGs in Indonesia here).

We as the church of God, the body of Christ –You and I – can end the Bible Poverty in Indonesia and the world! God has called us to go and make disciples to the world, to teach them what He has taught us (in the language that we understand best) so that they will come and believe in Christ, and baptize them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the end, we all will see that every people, every tongue and ever nation will come and worship God, the Almighty, and they and us will stand before the throne of the Lamb of God and cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy, to the Lamb of God.” Isn’t that amazing and beautiful?

What is your part in bringing the Good News to the people who do not have yet a single Scriptures in the language they understand best in their heart?