Thanksgiving is a moment to thank God

Dear all supporters, friends and family,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! So thankful for God’s faithfulness, love, grace, mercy and blessings!

Psalm 136 is a long list how Israel gave thanks to the Lord for He was so God to them. This part of the book of Psalm shows us how God became the good, powerful, and faithful God to them, also shows us how God stood by His people day and night, wherever they were. For instance, when Israel had to fight with their enemies in the deserts, or on top of the mountains, God always brought victories for them as long as they did not turn away from Him, as long as they kept His commandment in their lives.

This is the Psalm of thanksgiving of the Israel to God. I believe that even until now He still shows His people how faithful He is. He is the God who never change and never forsake those who love and believe in Him. We are His children, redeemed by the blood His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. He is our God and He makes us His people. How wonderful this truth is that He keeps his promises to save us because He so loves the world. That’s the first of the whole list of our thanksgiving to God for what He has done in our lives.

The next things, you may add them to the list of your thanksgiving to God as many as you can remember and you can count His love, blessings, grace, mercy, helps, and etcetc… etc… I believe that it’s gonna be an endless list ever!

So do we, Dave and I have a long long list to thank God for all He has done, for what He is doing, and for what He will do in and through our lives. This thanksgiving moment, we would like to THANK GOD for:

1. The love that He has put in our hearts for Him and to each other.
2. The blessings at our wedding ceremony in Indonesia and USA.
3. The ways He works on Helen’s visa process and adjustment status process. He has showed us how wonderful He has been working through the processes and how He has been providing all the needs.
4. The opportunity to spent the summer in Indonesia by taking part in the Discovery Trip 2008. It’s been a wonderful and challenging trips for both of us.
5. The family and relatives in USA and Indonesia who have been such great blessings to both of us. Thanks God for their hospitality and kindness that they have been showing us and so thankful for their supports in our lives.
6. The Local Church and the congregation of the church that always support us. So thankful to God for the opportunity for Dave to serve at this church as a deacon.
7. Dave’s job at propane company. So thankful for his boss and co-workers. Thanks the Lord for providing our needs through this job.
8. Our health. So thankful for the good health and physical strength for Dave, Helen and the baby during the pregnancy.

We are praising God for providing us a place to stay at Dave’s grandma’s house in Ohio. Also, so thankful that Dave’s mom moved back with us early November. They are great blessings to us in many ways.
The city where we live is very different with my home town. It is cooler and nice, no pollution, green and no heavy traffic. The house is not far from the church and Dave’s office. So thankful for this blessings.

We specially want to thank you all for always support us in many ways that give so much joy in our hearts. We can see how God has provided our needs of encouragement, strength, comfort, wisdom, health, finance, etc. through you all. We praise God for you and your givings.

Last but not least, our pray for you all God continue pour out His heavenly blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry.

All the glory, praises and honor to th
e Father in heaven!

Helen (for Dave and the baby)

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