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It’s been an adventure to get my daughter ready for her Kindergarten. This is her first time going to school! She is super excited about it, on the other hand, I am excited and worries at the same time. I think this year is going to be awesome 🙂

She has her own To Do list, like gotta go get her lunch box and school supplies at Target, specifically that store. I came back from a Dallas on Sunday (8/10) afternoon and we went to Target straight from the Airport. She likes to get the washi tape but it was not on her list. So she asked if she could just play with them… LOL! I just love this Kindergarten kid!

Once we got everything on the list, she said, “Now, I am ready to go to school because I have my lunch box.” Having a lunch box is a big deal for her!

And the baby sister is also ready to go to school just like her big sister. She says, “Mama, Backpack. Backpack!” She calls all the stuff she has on her shoulders are backpacks.


And I have my own To Do list to getting myself ready for school day, such as… I need to get my driving license, yes, I cannot drive yet. I have been putting it off for a long time. I think I cannot escape this time. And making Breakfast and lunch list for the pickiest kid on the block. She says, “Mama, I want apple, Graham crackers and square cheese in my lunch box.” Well, I am worry that she’ll be hungry and will ask for snack in the middle of class.

I need more that just what I wrote on my To Do List… I need a Power Pack! This one power pack is not what you can get at grocery store. This amazing Power Pack is from the HelloMornings new resources for every mom! Kat Lee stars this community to encourage women and moms to maximize our morning through this HelloMornings challenge.

GOD – seeking His face first thing first in the morning before our days start

PLAN – planning for the day, one day at a time

MOVE – moving, exercises is one way to take care of our body, God’s temple, and a way to glorify Him

You’ll start your mornings differently… 


This Power Pack is only $4.97 and you can get it HERE today! In this package you will get:

Gorgeous – Psalm 143:8 printable designed by Emily Thomas
Immersed Bible Study book, digging deeper into the book of Jonah, written by Katie Orr
Planning Printables (great planning!) designed by Kat Lee from Inspired To Action
God Day, a theme song, wrote and sung by Jen Stanbro
Intro to Running Tutorial Video by Kat Lee and Aubrey Barela

I hope this Power Pack will be a blessing to you all, too!

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