Things About Me (You Might Wanna Know or Not)

Less than 2 days….

I am going to Declare Conference in Dallas on Thursday morning, leaving my husband and 2 daughters at home for 3 and half day (I think…LOL!) But this conference had been a great blessing to me last year (we all got to go last year!). I learned a lot about blogging, writing and social media. And even more than that, I got to meet my friends that I met them first on internet world. It was just so different. And this is going to be another adventure with God who has called me and provided for me to go.

Few days ago, the hosts has started a link up for getting to know all attendees. I kept postponing to write about me. But today I decided just to write the 4 things about me…

4 Things About Me:

  • I am an Indonesian, has mix-culture background.
  • I am forever thankful that God the Father call me as His daughter, saved by grace and love by Him.
  • I am a wife to amazing husband and a mom of 2 daughters.
  • I can speak 4 languages and Mandarin is on my next list to learn.


4 of My Endearing Quirks:

  • After spending 7 years learning English at collage, and got married to a husband who speaks English and now we live in States for over 6 years, I still make a lot of mistakes. I often say “He” when I meant “She” or vice versa. So bear with me, English is my 4th language!
  • I am clumsy when it comes to sharp things. I cut myself a lot when I do craft projects or cooking.
  • I have a mom who is a cook and cater, but this girl just don’t like cooking at all. But when we moved to States, I don’t have my mom with me, so when I want to cook some Indonesian or Chinese food, I call her or Skype with her.
  • I am a flipflop and show lover, especially Convers a.k.a. Chucks and flat shoes. LOL! And my 2 daughters are showing it too right now! My husband has to watch out for us when we go to store, especially Target or shoe store…


4 Things About My Blog & Writing:

  • I started blogging back in 2006 when I was at collage. I did that because some of my friends showed me their blogs and I used Blogger (free!) as a start. I used Indonesian on my blog in 2oo6, then started using English 2007 because I realized that it was a good way of practicing my English.
  • At the beginning, I wrote a lot about what God had taught me through my Bible Study and then it developed. Not only about what God has taught me, but also my experiences with Him, journey, family and mobilization topics.
  • I am super THANKFUL I met Denise Hughes at Declare Conference 2013! When I went back home, I bought her book, On Becoming A Writer, I have been learning a lot since I read her book. As a English major graduate who has to use her English every single moment, writing is my other weakness. But I ask God to give me wisdom and ability to keep improving myself in this area.
  • Now, my blog is about Mission and Crafting. I write about Mission and needs of God’s word in languages that people can understand best in their hearts, who do not have one single verse right now. We are serving God with Wycliffe Associates now and preparing to go to SEA* There are a lot of needs there. We cannot wait to be there. And I also write about DIY, craft, scrapbooking and card-making projects. I create projects with a mission, to declare God’s glory though my handworks.



4 of My Favorite Things:

  • I love love love to spend time with my family. My favorite thing to do every day! I cannot imagine when I am not with them. I’ll MISS them so much!
  • I love dark chocolate 😀
  • I love dark roast coffee with half-n-half and teaspoon full of sugar.
  • I love my husband’s cooking!

(I wish it is not limited to only 4 things… I could go on and on… LOL!)

I am super duper exited to be at the conference, to see again some friends I met last year and to meet new friends. I see y’all there on Thursday – Sunday! WooHoo!

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6 thoughts on “Things About Me (You Might Wanna Know or Not)

  1. Hi Helen!

    That was very nice! It was fun to know more about you. When you joined as a follower at my card blog a few weeks ago, I noticed your side bar mentioned Wycliffe, so I asked my sister if she knew you and she does!! Small world! Her name is Diana Stuhr. Do you remember meeting her? Small world!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Hi Helen – what a beautiful family. I look forward to meeting you at Declare tomorrow. I love to make cards too! kIm