Church Christmas Celebration

A friend took this picture... she was a lost sheep!

This Christmas was different. She actually took a part Church Christmas Play at last Christmas (Dec 19, 2010), as one of the cute little sheep. There were 3 other little sheep who were only couple months older than her. Our children church teachers had to put a bowl of Animal Cracker to keep these little sheep to stay close to the manger.

at practice time "Stay in the box, kids!"

A bowl of Animal Crackers trick really worked

We had a wonderful Christmas time. We spent time with family. And looking at Abigail’s face when she opened her gifts, it was so precious.

It's Ming Ming!

Happy found the iPod.. actually it's Papa's gift 🙂

A cocopewee! (translate as "computer")

A Jeep! Mama, a jeep! So excited to see that she has a jeep now

Time flies. She will be 2 in March. She is learning lots of stuff and so curios about new things.  Climbing, running, talking, counting, reading, and watching kids TV shows are her activities nowadays. She is learning more English, Spanish and Indonesian. God is so good in her life, protecting, guiding, and helping her in learning and growing, and comforting her a lot when she was not feeling well. She is great blessing in our life. We both keep praying that God help us to guide her heart to love God and to teach God’s way

one of the things she can climb on

dressed for this day

snow to shovel

"I got snow in my hand, Mama"

Uh oh... oops! HELP!

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