Trick-or-Treating Day

Today is the day for every kid in our neighborhood have been waiting for! The day for them to have candies as many as they can. I know our daughters can’t wait to go out there, don’t care if it is cold, to get candies!


The Big Girl was super excited when she got off the school bus and she chated, “Today is the day! Trick-or-Treating day!” The Little Girl was way to excited last night she wanted to go to sleep with her costume. This morning she woke up worried because she did not see her butterfly wings.

Trick-or-Trick is fun. We love to do that together with our friends and our neighbors are super nice. Some of them dress-up and decorate their houses for fun.

We had fun taking the girls out trick-or-treating and I had problems keeping up with their speed! LOL! They were worn out by the end of the walk and for sure they had quite a lot of candies.

The Big Girl will have her school Halloween party on Friday and more bags of candies when she came home. You can see here, CANDIES is the theme of our week.

We ended the day with thankful and joy, though all of our feet and legs are sore 😄

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