Would You Pray For Them Today?


You may have heard and saw on news about this plane crash, AirAsia QZ8501.

Please keep praying!

The latest news I read from an online news, that they found the crash location, some of the plane’s debris & still searching for bodies in bad weather. So far they have found several bodies according to BBC news.

I found out that a friend of mine who is a teacher in one of a school in Surabaya that 3 of her students were aboard that plane to Singapore for a holiday break.

And I saw friend’s post on Facebook today that her friend was one of the stewards on duty on that plane.

My heart ache and broken for them & their families. I just cannot imagine the sadness and broken-hearted from the families of all of the passengers, and all the crews who were on that plane.

Would your please spend a couple minutes to pray for them, for the families who lost their loved ones and ask God to be with the search teams from Indonesia, neighbor countries & US while they are searching for more in the ocean under this bad weather & limited equipment.

You also can follow the news and updates on all social medias using this hashtags: #QZ8501 #AirAsia #prayforindonesia

Thank you for joining me in prayer for them!

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