Writing In Action #3: Where To Start

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This week I learned about where I start to write or what I write about. It seems simple but it is not to me. Denise explains that we all begin to write with a blank page or screen but the word will come. The written words not only reveal themselves, they reveal something about the writer, too.

They tell us who we really are and what we value the most. Writing leads to discovery… in order for our words to inform us, we must first write them down.

So… where do I begin to write? what do I write about?

Some tips from Denise:

  • Write what you know
  • Write what you feel
  • Write what you are passionate about

At previous chapter, she also mentions about it starts with Write-Based Prose (words just for me) and we can turn it into an idea for Reader-Based Prose (words for others/readers).

In this chapter she also gives us 3 practical Ways to Begin:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Join a conversation
  3. Answer a question

I am going to start with the first.

I write to tell a story of my life, one wrecked girl, found and saved by God’s grace, have a new life in Christ and to live the given life with trust and obedience to Jesus’ lordship. I write to tell the story unchanging everlasting God, who so loves the world, sent His one and only Son, to died for its sins and rose from the death on the third day, defeated the death and won the battle. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord and King of kings, the Son of God, the Way, the Truth and the Life. I write to declare this News to the world. I write to let them know there is HOPE in Christ Jesus. I write to testify.

I write to represent those who are Bibleless, the story of what it’s like not having a word of God. I, my own language, does not have the whole Bible. I am thankful to have 5 partial books of the Bible, but there are about 2000 languages in the world who don’t have one single word of God, 209 million people speak those languages. Imagine how your life would be when you don’t have the God’s word.

If my life is a book, I wanna start with those story.

What would you want to write in your life story book?

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