12 Days DIY Christmas 2014: Day 11

I love wreath. And my husband too 🙂 It is Christmas and pine wreath is that the thing of the season.

My wonderful husband got us gorgeous real pine wreath from LLBean last year and it lasted forever! I tell you, that wreath was on our wall for more than 6 months and still smell wonderful.

So, he got it again this year. It is quite pricey but worth it for once in a year 🙂 It came couple days ago and it is up on the wall above our fire place… Ah… And the fresh pine smell fills the living room!


Inspires by this gorgeous wreath, I got 2 decoration wreaths for our outside doors. I made it simple by wrapped it with red burlap ribbon and added a red pinwheel ribbon using flower wire. No hot glue gun. Just like that.


This is a project you can do under $20! Simple, quick and affordable 🙂

Have a joyful, merry December!

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3 thoughts on “12 Days DIY Christmas 2014: Day 11

  1. Helen salam kenal lagi yaaaaa aku ngga sangka dikau dari Jakarta juga
    saya fikir dari Filipina or dari Hawai
    sering banyak orang hawai wajahnya mirip orang Indonesia
    tinggal di jakarta mana..
    ini emailku monik1973 at yahoo dot com
    send me a mail please and I wanna say woooww your decoration is adorable
    I love the one outside and inside..ADORABLE wreath Helen..you are so creative lady..
    selamat malam ya saya mau tidur dulu saya ikut suami di Jerman disini sudah jam 22:13
    senang sekali bisa berkenalan dg Helen…hugs, Monika