Five Minute Friday: Every Day


Every day can be full of fun.

Every day can be full of sun.

Every day can be full of laugh.

But… we slide away every day.

Most of my every day I spend my little angel and try keep up with her activities whom is so active and curious about everything new around her.

I also have some translation projects that I do during the day, at least 2 – 4 hours a day. I usually have a day off from the projects just to read and doing something fun with Abigail.

When it’s lunch time, usually I fix something simple enough for Abigail and I, and supper with our awesome Papa is the best time in every day. We MISS him so much.

We spend the rest of the evening together either watching movies, TV show, or playing with Abigail until bed time.

This might seems boring day to some of you… but I am so thankful that I can spend most of my days with my girl in her golden age, instead of sending her to Day Care for just I can make some extra money. That’s 1 of the 2 most important things of my every day life at home with my husband and Abigail during. I am not a super mom but I am learning to be a wife to Abigail and a mom to Abigail, and most of all I am surrender to God and ask Him for form my heart and teach me be a wife woman as He has called me to be, to serve Him and to love Him more than anything.

I start and end my day with thankful to God in our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who enable me to live the life He has given to me. Pray. Read the Word. Meditate the Word.



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