Five Minute Friday: Story


“What kind of story are you writing now in your life?”

That’s the question that I always ask myself. It’s not because I wanna be a writer, but I want to leave a story for my next generation so they will know who their older generations are.

Just exactly like what God told the people of Israel in the book of Exodus through Deuteronomy, that they had to tell the stories, the amazing stories, what God had done among them since the beginning, from setting them free form the slavery in Egypt until how mighty God’s hands over Israelites when they overcame the other nations so they could take over the Promise Land and settled in. But not only the stories of how God worked in their lives, but most important things are all the Law and commands that He had given to His people, need to be told over and over again, at any time, any where and to all generations.

Story I want to pass on is the story how God works in my life, to bring glory only to His Holy Name. Story I want my next generations know and remember is how great our living God, how faithful He is and how He has changed my life and so that they can trust and to obey Him. And they can be the stories to the next one.

My past is not a story that I want them to remember, but I want God to use my past that one that He has changed to show how He has plans for my life and their lives, that God never forget nor forsake us. I let God use my life stories to bless others and changes others.

I want my next generations know that God is the one who write our life story, to wonderful and perfect one, when we surrender and trust in Him, in His plan, in His love, in His grace, and in His mighty power that can change our life and yours.

So, what kind of story are you writing now?


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Story

  1. Hi,
    Yes I too want to tell what God has done and is doing in my life. I thank Him every day that He is here for me.
    Great to meet a sister in Christ.