5 Minutes Monday

The people group we are praying today is the people of Kaur.

The People of Kaur of Indonesia

The Kaur are one of the original peoples of Bengkulu Province. They were originally from Bintuhan in the South Kaur district of South Bengkulu, but today many live in the North Kaur district. The Trans-Sumatra highway passes through Bintuhan, the district capital of South Kaur. The Kaur speak their own language, which is part of the Malay language cluster. Most Kaur villages are located in groups along the banks of small rivers in this area. The Kaur area lies adjacent to that of the Seraway and Besemah peoples. Geographically, the Kaur may be divided into two subgroups. Those who live in the South Kaur district are normally called Bintuhan. Their dialect is greatly influenced by the Lampung dialect. Those who live in the North Kaur district have been influenced by the Besemah people. (source: Joshua Project)

There are at least 49,000 people speak the Kaur Language (source: Joshua Project). They are one of the people groups who do not have one single verse in their language. They do not have any access to God’s word, neither audio nor written. Bible Translation is needed for these people. They need to hear and know that our mighty God also speaks their language and love them.

They need to know that we also care.

Would you join me to pray for them today? Spend 5 minute today to pray and ask God to make way for His church to go and send people to reach out to the people of Kaur. Ask God to provide ways for these people to be able to hear about Him and his great love for them.

Thank you for praying! He hears you and will answers your pray for these precious people.

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