5 Minutes Monday: Lintang People

The Lintang, or as they are more commonly known, Lintang Empat Lawang, which is a mixture of the Lintang and Empat Lawang people. The Lintang are also often called the Musi Ulu people and sometimes the abbreviation L4L, from Lintang Empat (four) Lawang, is used. The Lintang live along the left and right forks of the Lintang River in the Lahat regency of South Sumatra province. They primarily live in the Muara Pinang, Lintang Kanan, Pendopo, Tebing Tinggi and Ulu Musi districts. The Lintang can easily understand the Besemah and Semende dialects. They also understand the Lematang, Kikim and Enim dialects. They can understand Palembang Indonesian well. Some characteristic language features include the use of the words nedo, which means ‘no’ or ‘not yet’, ngapo (What is it?) and kelo (wait a minute). The Lintang can communicate well with the Kikim, Besemah and Lematang people but do not understand the Lembak or Saling people. (Source: Joshua Project)

There are about 203,000 people of Lintang population. They are one of those least-reached people groups, has less than 1 % of believers. Please pray that God will send more people to share the Good News with this people in this area. Thank You so much!

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