Tuesday Thought: Our First Parent – Teacher Meeting

Last Thursday was our first Parent-Teacher Conference (or Meeting) for our first daughter. It went great and it proofed me that all my worries were nothing.

We arrived about 20 minutes before our schedule to meet our daughter’s teacher. Since she started her Kindergarten, I have been worry about her being away from me. I worried about what would happen to her in the class, or what if she couldn’t make any friends, or what if she wouldn’t listen or even yelled at her teacher or friend, or what if she cried, and what if…

I just keep filling that “What if” blank with things that I could think of.

But that 10 minutes meeting with her teacher wiped all my worries away.

God has shown to me that all my worries are silly. I cannot be with her every day at school, but He is always with her there. I cannot tell what is going on there in that classroom, but God is just right there and sees everything.

Once she is out there, I have no control. This is a big lesson for me as a mom. Trusting my daughter in God’s care and hands at all time!

Her teacher told us that she is making a lot of progress with her social skills. And she is one of the 6 students who can read all the Word Wall Words and sight words. She will put her in a comprehension reading class in November with the other students at the same level.


Her teacher also shared couple funny stories that happened in the classroom that not a surprise for us… LOL!


I am so thankful to see how God has been working in her life. That just amazing to see how He provides a wonderful, sweet and patient teacher for her and her friends, who has been encouraging them. And His presence is real in her life.

He wants me to see all of these and wants me to keep trusting my children in His hands 100% just because He loves them!

Yes, Lord. I wanna trust you more.

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