Abigail is 3 months old now

Abigail is growing. She is 3 months old on June 4th, 2009.

She looks so different from when she was born, cuter and such a big girl.

She can roll over and she loves to do that but she is frustrated when she can not roll back.

We have so much fun watching her actions. She is adorable.

She also can cooing, laughing out loud, giggling, and screaming!

Abigail also loves to see everything around her. When we take her out of the house, she looks around, pay attention to the birds’ singing, trees, grass, sun, sky, and her shadow on the ground. She is so alert.

She doesn’t want to sit down for a long time now, she pushes her legs and tries to stand up.

She is practicing to sit up by herself, too.

She is practicing her leg muscles by kicking her dangling toys at her play-mat.

She looks at the person whom talks to her. She checks on them, smiles, and tries to respond to them.

She likes to put anything she can hold in her mouth. She is starting teething at her early 3 months. It seems that faster than other baby. She likes to chew her Pooh Bear Book & doll, her skirt, her hands, including our hands.

She can holds her bottle for couple minutes now…

Watching how wonderful her growing, only one thing we do: PRAISING GOD for that! So amazing to see how God take care of her, keep her safe, and love her.

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