Happy First Birthday, Abigail Ruby!

Abigail Ruby turned to one year old on March 4th. We were having her first birthday party at our house. Her great grandma and grandma came and brought lots of presents for her. Also she got presents for us, too. She was so funny and so happy to have all of us celebrating her first birthday.

She tasted her birthday cake, actually it was ice cream cake (Mom’s request!) and she didn’t like the cold ice cream but she kept on asking for more. She was just so funny.

Before the dinner, she entertained us with her Peek-Ka-Boo game using kitchen towel. She did that over and over again. Laughter fulfilled the dining room that evening because of Abigail.

So thankful and praise God for you Abigail Ruby. You are our beautiful and amazing daughter. We love you so much, Boo Boo!

She's so happy today!

The Game of the day: Peek-Ka-Boo

I'm reading my first Bible

Have to check my birthday cake before I eat it


Hehehehe... more presents...

Look at this biggest and most wonderful present ever

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