The Lord Enables

Today I start second week of HelloMornings study on the book of Ruth – Take Refuge study with my HelloMornings Facebook group. I was a bit behind last week but this morning I am so thankful I could have time to just sit and read His word.

After reading Ruth 1:1-10 this morning, I prayed to my Heavenly Father to give me the desire to read His word, to be with Him and focus my mind in reading His word. I prayed He will help me to understand what He wants to teach me.

The Lord Enables (Ruth 1:6) |

What spoke to me is from 1:6 that the word “gives, giving, given” in that sentence. In original language it means “enable” What caught my attention is that God enables them to have food = God enables them to grow their food again in the land of Moab after the long draught that caused the famine. I remember stories in the Bible that God enables rain or to stop it, God enables the cloud to cover the Israelite to go through the dessert for 40 years and He enable the fire to warm them in the dessert.

God gives and takes. He knows exactly when to do that, too. When God takes something away from us, it feels like there is a void in our lives, that we are in the famine season. He does that for a reason and out of love. He wants us to lean on Him alone, He wants us to know who He is trully, He wants to have a closet realtionship with His own childrem for sure. Through th dessert and famine we have to go through just to fine the source of water and food, we will find the eternal food and water only in Him and when we find zhim we won’t be hungry and thirsty again. That is His promise!

God enables everything by His grace and love for His children to walk through the journey of our lives. In the NLT Study Notes says, “God gives good things, such as food and children, and he works providentially behind the scenes in the ordinary course of things.” He works behind the scene of each of our lives – where we cannot see – but He is working things out to provide what He knows that’s what we need.

God works behind the scene to provide |

Every might we always watch video music before bedtime for fun time with the girls, and last night we watched some Rich Mullins videos. In one of the video, he said, nothing we need to do to impress God so He will love us, nothing because He already love us no matter what. We just need to remember that He is with us in step by step we take every day.

Don’t we wanna love God like that? Ruth made the decision to love Naomi’s God, she experienced His faithfulness in her life from the very moment she declared her faith in Him.

I pray today for all of us that God will enable each of us to do what He has called us to do as wife, mom, grandma, working mom, etc. whoever and whatever you do today, in all of that we can experience His faithfulness. Amin.

God bless you to go through this week!

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2 thoughts on “The Lord Enables

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing your lessons with us at #EncourageMeLinkup
    There’s so much to learn from Ruth, which has been one of my fav Bible character. Can’t wait to read other posts from you on Ruth.

    I’m glad to see that you study with HelloMornings, I’m waiting for next month when group membership will be open again as I missed this month.

    God Bless you Helen and I hope you link up with us again next Monday.

    • Hi Grace, thank you for visiting! I am learning to lean on God and following His step through Ruth. I hope next HelloMornings study you will be able to find the best fit group 🙂 God bless you!