A Letter To Jesus

Last day of school day in 2014. She was so excited for this Christmas break but also sad to find out that she would not go to school on Monday. She thought the Christmas break was only Saturday and Sunday. She loves school A LOT, we can tell 🙂

She came home early from school. Handed me her backpack as usual. I opened it and found some papers from her teacher. An announcement, colored activity pages, and this letter she wrote.


A letter to Jesus.

She wrote a letter to Jesus.

For her this is not just a piece of paper she wrote. For her, this is what’s in her heart and want to share it with her Jesus.

Reading her letter not only bless me, but also comfort my heart knowing that she knows from whom all her blessings come. She started her letter with a thanksgiving…

This is also a reminder to all of us to see meaning of Christmas.

Do we thank God for what he has done in our lives in the past year?

I am blessed to see how God has been working in my daughter’s heart and life.

I am thankful for the directions, wisdom, and understanding He gives to my daughter to know Him and to love Him.

God is with us.


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