A Quick Update…

Hello all… I am dropping by today to give you a quick, short update about what’s going on in the last several weeks.

You might notice that I haven’t been on my blog and social media lately. It is becuase I had some health issues and I had to have a major surgery on November 20.

Now, I am in my recovering journey and I am giving thanks to the LORD for His goodness and strength he has given me to go through this. Also, I am so thankful how He has been taking care of my husband and daughters, and giving them the comfort and hope.

I am thankful for my amazing, supportive families and friends (that including ALL OF YOU, my dear blog readers!) Than you so much for your prayers, thoughts, encouraging texts, messages, and cards. I thank GOD for all of you!

God is good in time of uncertain and in time of waiting for prayer answered. He gave me hope and faith to keep on and trusted in Him and his care. Last week, I got my biopsy results and there were no cancer! This news gave a big relief to all of us.

Through this, I learned more of who God is. I always believe that He reveals who he is through every circumstance and situation we are in becuase He wants us to know Him more and to love Him more. All becuase He loves us first with His unconditional love. And HE IS CARE AND LOVE YOU, too!!! Open your heart and trust in Him, He will guide you step by step. If you ever need someone to talk, I am here. Send me an email or send me a message through my social media at any time!

Dear family and friends, from the bottom of my heart… Thank you for walking with me through this situation. All praises and glory to God only!

May God all bless you!


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