Advent Reading Resources For You And Family

The first week of Advent has started. We as Christians observe Advent in many different ways but for only one purpose: Waiting for the coming of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

Advent Is.....

Advent means waiting. We wait for the appereance of someone so special who worth to be waited for. We wait for the special event that will change everything. We wait for something amazing to happen.

We wait for Jesus.

We wait with hope.

We wait with faith.

We wait with joy.

We wait with thanksgiving.

But for most of us waiting is not our favorite thing to do. I remember I am not good in waiting too long. But I have been learning to wait in the Lord and waiting for Him. In this waiting moment, I learn to submit myself, my ego, my will, my hope and my dreams to God. It is not as easy as I say it or write it here. But by submitting all of ourselves to Him we will be transformed and will see the works of God in our lives.

We do Advent reading every night with both of our daughters who are 6 years old and 3 years old. The Big Girl told us that she couldn’t wait ’till Christmas Day because of she wants to open her presents. The Little Girl wait until the reading is done. She just cannot sit still for longer thant 5 minutes! Both type of waiting happen to us too, right?

But our waiting in the Lord won’t be wasted, but it will bring the eternal fruits in our lives to glorify Him. The gift we will recieve is more than we are expected to get. The gift we will recieve is priceless and eternal.

Isn’t that worth it to wait for God and for what He will do in our lives?

During this Advent season, let’s we wait in the Lord and with the Lord. Ask Him to teach us to focus and to set our heart just for what He will reveal to us.

Today, I also would like to share with you some Advent devotional resources. These Bible Studies are designed for you and your family to do together. You can click on the image to go directly to their website to grab them. I hope these Bible Studies will prepare you and your family for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

HelloMornings Advent Study - Love Comes Near |
HelloMornings Advent Study – Love Comes Near

Jesus Storybook Advent Printable (Free) -
Jesus Storybook Advent Free Printable

Unwrapping The Greatest Gift
Unwrapping The Greatest Gift

Truth In The Tinsel - Advent for Kids
Click here to visit to get this amazing book!(affiliated link)

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4 thoughts on “Advent Reading Resources For You And Family

  1. That is beautiful! Advent is a very special time of year. Every night at the dinner table we light the advent wreath and say special prayers before our blessing before meals. I also have an advent calendar for my kids and they open the window to get a special treat for every day in Advent.

  2. Hi Helen, thanks for these great resources. We usually celebrate Advent with the daily readings and Ann Voskamp’s ornaments, but I will check out your other tips as well. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a safe and joyful holiday season.